Build your own Burgers and Salads
Our toppings are melted under the cheese

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Come down and watch the games on one of our 6 TV's.

We have 7 Beers on tap and a more in bottle.  Not a Beer drinker we have a full bar. 
Come watch your favorite  Baseball Team. 

Fresh is our middle name
T&R Burgers takes pride in our community.  Our website will feature art and pics by the teens of our community.  We will also have a Burger of the month.  Please submit your ideas for the perfect burger.  Entries will be selected the last week of the month and the new burger will be displayed on the first.
T&R Burgers is a family owned Colorado restaurant. Serving burgers, salads, french fries and shakes. We offer a wide variety of toppings that is sure to please everyone. All our meat is high quality, fresh, and from Colorado. Our food is bought numerous times a week to make sure that it is as fresh as possible. We also offer a wide menu for our breakfast. Along with keeping up on the same theme of build your own.

Our Mission is to provide fresh food, to promote Colorado Agriculture and offer food everyone can eat. To have an enjoyable experience that ranks number one in customer service.

Come in and try our new Burger of the Month
 Burger of the month is $7.99

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Text TRBURGERS to 33733
Kids eat for free Monday  thur Thursday
5pm to 8pm
one kids meal with paying adult meal (burger/salad/chicken, side and a drink. Adult meal excludes Daily spiecial. 
T&R Burgers

The Burger Specialists

We are located in Denver, CO.   We serve gourmet burgers and salads.  There is many toppings to choose from, so come in, make yourself at home and build your own burger or salad.  



Choose from 20 different toppings to make the burger you want.  Try it a different way each time.  Add fries and a drink to make a great meal.  Not wanting a burger?  No problem.  The same options go for our salads.  Pick one or pick all.  It is your tastebuds that decide what you love today.
20 different toppings and adding more as we go.  There is something for everyone when you come here.  You can add bacon, cheese, ketchup, mayo, mustard, onion, jalapenos, mushrooms, BBQ sauce, ranch, egg; just to name a few.



If you want water, we have that.  Pop?  We have that too.  We even have tea.  But if you want a delicious treat to finish your meal off,  you have got to try our milkshakes.  Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry.  They are all amazing.  Don't see your flavor here.  Let us know so we can add it to our menu.
Try our fresh fries.  We cut them daily so they are super fresh.  All are fried in Soy bean oil so if you have a peanut allergy, you will have no issues here.  They are salty goodness waiting for you.  They make a perfect addition to your burger and drink.
T&R Burgers believes in what customers want.

Customers want choices, for people to say Hi and always have a smiling face.  To be fast and efficient and deliver excellent product.  

Customers want to be listened to and to know that their suggestions mean something to the restaurant.   They want a clean restaurant with nice bathrooms.